How to share a webpage to classroom

Sharing web pages to the classroom have a great impact on student’s engagement, and the way they can go further with the information, to fill their own gaps.

When you share a website to classroom, you will need to make sure that this website is safe to use for the students, and will work on all your student’s devices. is a good source for links ready to share, but you also need a software solution to share your links.

Here are the solutions we could test that are being used by teachers on a daily basis.

Google Chrome with Share extension

The Google Chrome Share extension is a great feature released by Google to allow teachers to instant share web pages to the classroom.

To use the Google Share extension, your school must have adopted Google Classroom.

More information: Share to Classroom with Chrome

EXO U Classroom Browser

Classroom Browser is an universal free app allowing teachers to share web links to classroom.

No registration is required, and the PIN based on-boarding is easy to pass through.

One is dedicated to the teacher, and one to the students. The students can browse the websites shared by the teacher, but cannot type an URL to go elsewhere.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets.

More information: Classroom Browser

Do you know another way to share to classroom?

We are continuously looking for more alternatives to share web pages to the classroom. If you are aware of another way to instant share web pages to your classroom, we will update this document for the benefit of everyone.

Visit our catalog of websites ready to share to classroom

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