4 most innovative ways to push web pages and content to your students

Screenshot: VR Cartoon Experiences Pack for the classroom

This year, more and more teachers are using a software to push web pages to their students. Students don’t have to type the URL of the web pages, resulting in a more interactive class.

As we continuously seek for online resources and activities ready to share with your students, we found the following options.

Google Share to classroom

Google Share to classroom is a new extension for Chrome that allow teacher to push web pages to students. Teachers with access to Google Classroom are quickly adopting it, but the feature is not available if your school did not adopted Google Classroom.

Compatible with any device supporting Chrome (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chrome of course)

More information: Share to Classroom with Chrome

Classroom Browser

Classroom Browser is a light software focused on allowing teachers to push web pages to the students. The on-boarding is easy, and your school do not need Google Classroom or anything. You can decide to install Classroom Browser in your classroom with no per-requirement (the app is free).

Another value of Classroom Browser is to secure the students browsing session: they can view the websites and web pages shared by the teacher, but cannot type another URL to go elsewhere.

To make the on-boarding even easier, and to support Chrome, an web version for the students should be available in the next few month (no download for the student)

Compatible Windows, Mac, Android, iOS (Chrome soon)

More information: Getting started with Classroom Browser

Slide to share

Slide to share looks as a natural way to share something with a specific user: just slide what you want to share in the direction of the user.

This kind of feature is already in place in some universities using touch tables to do real-size manipulation. A software layer allow them to share almost anything with a gesture. On his side, the teacher has a dashboard to select multiple students to share to.

Share in VR


In more and more VR experiments in the classroom, the idea of sharing goes beyond. The teacher can see the students, and students can see the teacher. This allow the classroom to share the same experience and to discuss about what they see.

In the picture above, a cartoon style environment is used to explain history, and the teacher is visible as an avatar (in white in the picture).

Experimenting virtual reality in the classroom

Techcrunch: Teachers See What Students See

What’s next?

You don’t need VR hearset or touch table to bring more interactivity to your classroom. As soon as all your student have any device, you should be able to use Google Classroom or Classroom Browser.

But the more important is to find the good resources and activities to share – and we are here for that! :)
Online resources and activities to push to your students

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