Share to Classroom is a non profit initiative aimed to promote valuable websites and web apps safe to share to the classroom.

Sharing technologies

We track and promote free software that enables teacher driven browsing sessions in the classroom: the teacher can share multiple links students can follow without lost of focus.

How to share web pages to your classroom

Recommended websites

We list the best websites and web apps for classroom use based on the following criteria:

  • Must add educational value
  • Must be easy to enroll and to use
  • Must be compatible with the major Classroom Sharing apps (Google Chrome or Classroom Browser). Compatibility is assured when the URLs are not static and reflects the content.
  • Must be ad-free. If we do not find an ad-free solution, we may list solutions with ads, but the ads must be non-intrusive and children friendly. Sharing apps in general disable the ads meaning that the students cannot click on it, but they can see the ad.
  • Must be accessible for free. Paid programs are ok but a free version must be available with a reasonable feature set (no demo or time limit).

How to suggest a website

Many websites we list was suggested by teachers.

Just comment any page to recommend a website, we will evaluate it for sure.

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